Replace the classic, monotonous job ads with gamified interactive experience, which will hold the attention of even the most picky experts in the industry.

an innovative approach to
top talents!

Interactivity and gamification

An interactive video replaces the monotonous ads in LinkedIn, which programmers avoid more often. It allows them to move around the company with only a couple of clicks and to see the aspects of the job post of their interest.

Controlled and discrete communication

A great number of experts refuse to communicate with recruiters and to find out more about the company, fearing lack of discretion. The interactive video gives them a complete insight in the company, with a complete discretion and greater chances to be hired because you have already taken the first step of introduction.

Employer branding

This innovative manner of presenting open job posts makes the company an innovative and progressive one, with a genuine care about talents` needs. In that way, it shall become more appealing to the experts in the industry, who know how to recognise and cherish these values.


Solve the most common problems throughout recruiting

The new generation talents from the very beginning are looking for an interactive, personalised and gamified experience from the brand.

The attention span is decreasing with each year, the long texts and contents without interaction are quickly becoming boring and the readers abandon them within seconds.


A lot more experts will interact in order to find out more about the company if they can be certain that it shall not cause any inconveniences with their present employer.


The company`s story is more appealing when it includes interactive contents

0 %
of the respondents would rather watch contents in the form of a video than read a text job ad
0 %
of companies had increase in interest after they had incorporated interactive video in their work strategy
0 %
of companies, that made an interactive video, said that they planned to create more videos in this format in the future.


Companies that use
interactive recruiting videos

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, for each client a new, separate and original video will be shot, which shall include a full and complete production process from beginning till end.
The video may be shot in English, Macedonian or any other language, according to client`s needs.
The interactive video may be used for educational purposes, onboarding, introduction to company culture and other purposes which we can define together.

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